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"The punishment for violating the guru's wife is death. The punishment for violating the guru's daughters is death and hell."
Loutavishtaka Upanishad

The Yoga Sutras,
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No Hope Without Chastity   
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Brahmacharya & Krishna Consciousness


Brahmacharya with Scientific Understanding


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Tibetan Chants
Vajra Guru
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Srila Prabhupada's
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Shaker Writings On
Abstinence and Self-denial
The essence of
American culture.

Porn and Video Game Addiction Leading to Masculinity Crisis
Even everyday people can see this now.
Sex and Political Control
Interview with
E.Michael Jones

How To Make Men
 Into Slaves
Libido Dominandi
by E. Michael Jones

The Eternal Divine Mother Shakti Is Alive In The Brotherhood Of The Sacred Word.  
Noob Baha'u'llah Pwns The Bab in Epic NWO Fail