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About Yogic Kriyas
-- Notes from Julian --
Yogic kriyas are spontaneous bodily movements that often occur with the awakening of the divine power in the body called kundalini by the yogis. The body moves of itself, with no effort by  the individual. In their purest form they are, in fact, the yogic postures, asanas, and movements  that  we see in hatha-yoga books from the past and present. You can see clearly in this video, for example, Nick doing the well-known "sun salute," though Nick had no knowledge about the "Sun Salute." Nick never had any interest in hatha-yoga or bodily postures at all -- only religion, chastity, and guru-bhakti, i.e. real Yoga.

This phenomenon, which develops in the devotional yogi striving for brahmacharya who is also part of a shaktipat guru lineage, are in fact where the hatha-yoga postures came from in the first place; how they were in fact first known. Swami Muktananda experienced them and wrote a deal about the phenomenon in his book "Play of Consciousness." Lahiri Mahasaya, 2nd guru in the Babaji lineage, also experienced them and referred  to them. In his highly occult writings Lahiri used the phrase "a strain at the waist" to refer to the spontaneous turning of the upper torso at the waist. He used "a strain at the wrist" to refer to the pulling back of the hand at the wrist (usually with the arm lifting up and back  and the hand forming a mudra, as often seen in art and statues of various deities including Christ.) The entire path called "kriya yoga" is named for these spontaneous yogic movements, and Yogananda secreted knowledge about their existence (and likelihood of happening) in his "Energization Exercises" which mimic many yogic kriyas. The organization left behind by Yogananda, SRF, seems to  ghave no knowledge about them and has claimed -- whenever devotees get the kriyas in their public worship services -- that they have nothing to do with Yogananda's path of yoga and mocks them, which is in grotesque error. One feature is that difficult movements and positions, in hatha-yoga terms, are taken very effortlessly when the kriyas arise. Another is that the attitude of bhakti and proximity to a shaktipat guru bring them on.

Hatha-yoga, or bodily yoga as pursued by many western  women, began largely as the copying of these yogic kriyas of the yogis. It is debatable whether mimicing the movements is the same thing as getting them spontaneously, and debatable whether devotees were ever meant to do that.
I myself began to have these many years ago while walking highways in Alaska chanting my mantra. My kriyas, when I have them, are of four primary types, all with Indian names in the yogic lore, such as Krodha-Mudra. Yogic kriyas are a sure sign of shaktipat, or spiritual baptism, and as noted the awakening of the kundalini power in the religious person. The lore states that this transmission can be given by a guru by look, by touch, by word (really, by his voice), by his thought, and also shaktipat can be given in a dream. There will usually be an explicit event. My own shaktipat was given  in a series of three dreams. However, the state of the aspirant is key: His chastity, his effort, and his attitude of bhakti. Some have reported having yogic kriyas by visiting and reading this website, celibacy-dot-info.
The western audiences that swamed around Swami Muktananda in the 1970s ofter featured individuals having the spontaneous movements. He used to explicitly administer shaktipat by swatting devotees with a bunch of peacock feathers, at which time some went into spasm-like kriyas. Muktananda often pointed to the presence of the yogic kriyas among his followers as evidence of the divinity of his path, with that shakti streaming down from  the mysterious yogi Nityananda.

Often yogic kriyas, when seen in various meditation settings or around gurus, are spasmodic, unpatterned, and undecorous. In one account in my autobiography I tell about the group surrounding American guru Sankaracharya which featured a blond fellow sometimes twitching about on  the floor barking like a dog. But Nick gets beautiful and complex yogic kriyas -- more beautiful, orderly, and graceful than those I am familiar with as seen around Indian gurus, and they are obviously yogic in nature. They are both multifarious yet particular and exact. Each time he visits me, nenw ones arise. Presenting yogic postures that are forgotten to time, to  watch Nick having kriyas is to see a revelation and wellspring of the ancient, divine yoga presented by the Goddess Shakti herself, who apparently chose our Brotherhood for the place to do this.

Many of  the movements, such as the breath expulsion, drag the devotee into yogic meditative states of still  mind. Among the various theories and conjectures about why these spontaneous movements occur, this is one of the best.
An even better one is that they are simply the Divine Shakti incarnating on earth, celebrating herself and blessing the devotees with Her appearance. They are a divine sign, a divine evidence. So for us, they are also the imprimatur of Divine Shakti upon our Brotherhood, telling us that the Ancient Divine Intelligence is with us and is pleased with our Brotherhood. Why would she not? The kundalini requires continence in order to visit any man.

In the context of Christianity yogic kriyas are "gifts of the holy spirit." Spontaneous movements were a feature of life among the early Christians. (
It should be noted that speaking in tongues is one of the yogic kriyas.) Later  American Christian spiritual movements such as  the the Quakers, the Shakers, and the Holy Rollers these kundalini-driven movements and even got  their names from them.
I have filmed them only sparingly out of respect for the phenomenon, and the first time they arose magnificently in Nick I did not film at all, but only worshiped on my knees, composing spontaneous hymns. In like attitude, I have kept my and Nick's kriyas under wraps until now because it was too cheap and  easy to place them in front of the public to impress people. I wanted to have some strong brothers with us WITHOUT revealing this occult sign. And now we do have some strong brothers like this, who never saw these before. So it is time that worldlings and false "yoga" claimants find out that the true yoga is with the moral and with those having  guru-bhakti. Notwithstanding my disinclination to always film them, a body of video footage has built up over these past ten years featuring the kriyas of both myself and Nick.

Our Brotherhood is indeed a true dawning of  the authentic ancient yoga in the west, as well as the regeneration of Religion in the west.
A note about Nick: I first met him when  he came suddenly to my house from all the way in England, without warning, to learn meditation from me. At that time he had determined to leave everything, including his family, job, wealth, and security, and stay with me for the rest of his life. He had not even informed his family what he had done or where  he had gone. This is true seeking. I directed him to go  back to his young son in England. It was when he first sat down on my couch that magnificent full-bodied kriyas suddenly began.
J. Curtis Lee Mickunas


  Above: Screenshot fromYogaSutras.com from the section "Essence Of Yoga."  
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