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"Muktananda used to tell an ancient Guru/Disciple teaching story. I wish I could have related it...before he started spouting off about you. It goes...

"The disciple came to stay with the Guru, seeking enlightenment. He kept asking the Guru how he should meditate and find enlightenment. The Guru just gave him menial tasks, to the annoyance of the disciple.

"The disciple just wanted to meditate and didn't understand why the Guru kept giving him these tasks. He wasn't ever into the chores the Guru gave him and found it stupid. The Guru kept repeating "Just do what I tell you. Following the Guru's words leads to enlightenment."
"So it carried on for years like that and the disciple felt like his time was wasted and questioned whether his Guru was a true Guru because he's never asked him to meditate. The gist of the story in the end was that he finally did the task willingly, just to please the Guru -- then went into Samadhi."
-- Emblem of Shakti





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