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Saint Augustine:

"For my will was perverse and lust had grown in it, and when I gave into lust, habit was born, and when I did not resist the habit it became necessity."

Swami Shivananda
"To be enslaved by sex is to lose...everything that man needs to be happy."

"With the austerity of brahmacharya
the king protects his kingdom."

 -- The Vedas --

From: Ned
To: Julian Lee
Date: 10-18-2014

I was sad to hear that you would be phasing yourself out of celibacy.info. Will you still be teaching and initiating? I visit that site and the Yoga Sutras site several times a week.
...I have done a lot of searching in my lifetime when it comes to religion, philosophy, and God in general. The path you have presented is what feels closest to home for me.

Thank you, Ned

Hello Ned:
It's really just the basics, maybe better articulated than in the morass of religious ideas and texts, that surging sea of confusing ideas. Austerities, a bit of faith and bhakti (which touches on the guru principle), effort at continence, meditation- technique. It's really very simple. But few go towards these things with vigor, faith, and expectation. I will of course give meditation instruction and initiation to fellows who believe in brahmacharya and sincerely and insistently ask. Don't be sad. That is good to hear that you are aware of YogaSutras.com. I will be continuing to add to the commentary.
Julian Lee

A Scientific Treatise
on the Value of Continence
Dr. R.W. Bernard


From: Charles <///@mail.com>
Subject: A question
To: letters@celibacy.info

Great site, and great videos (I have given up porn and sexual defilement and have been free of it for 3 weeks - your stuff has greatly strengthened my willpower tonight). One question, however: you say that "the world" is personal and simply a manifestation of one's person, and that sexual sin is the reason for the pollution and degeneracy in the world. If I sought to find this teaching elsewhere, where could I? I'm not a naive materialist, but I do find the claim that ecology is affected by sexuality to be a little strange (although I will note that I recall an Iranian cleric saying that promiscuous women cause earthquakes). Anyways, I love the site. It's good to see spiritual people of a pro-White & semitically- aware bent out there.


Answer to Charles --
The exterior experienced world hangs on your body. The body projects the world. Further, all "others" in it are just your projections; yourself. Thus distress, stripping, or impoverishment to the body will create distress, stripping and impoverishment exteriorly. And there is no more primal way to rob and impoverish the body than to eject the male creative material which is pure Intelligence and pure virtue. It is also the greatest possible disturbance to the prana in yogic terms; the extreme opposite of beneficial pranayama. If you bang a movie projector with a hammer or stick (while it projects a movie) the movie shakes and jerks about, right? It's that simple. 
Your body projects the world. Devastation of your body by incontinence produces a seen world- movie of disturbance and devastation. So one then manifests pollution, wars, overpopulation, racial destruction, immorality, perversion, loss of species, etc. in his external. This along with very stressful personal problems!

Continued upper right

Continued from below left

Only males who discharge their life essence into a good woman/wife with happy anticipation of children get a softening, a mitigation of that loss and of that seen external destruction.Truly, those who masturbate or otherwise abuse the creative essence in their bodies will soon experience dire personal developments as well as newly negative world conditions heard about in the news etc. How soon? Usually seen in the first 48 hours after. Try it and see. Find out what the world is: Your own projection from your body. This knowledge is the cornerstone of yoga for men and of enlightenment.

The reason you have not encountered this teaching elsewhere is because there are very few bodies of teachings as great as this body of teachings, and very few movements an great as this movement, and very few true celibates even among religious leaders -- such as to penetrate the mysteries of life. This teaching is new. This is the greatest and most influential teaching in all of our recorded history and since long before the last Ice Age. And also a true teaching. Thus it's natural you would be amazed by it. But simply
try it and see. You will see it. Then you will thank me the more. You control and effect the destruction or upgrade of the exterior world. The "fall from the garden" (seen active degradation of the experienced outer world) is direct mechanical result of sexual discharge and it continues, getting worse, for the masturbator or sexual sinner or abuser of the creative substance. This is unavoidable reality. As soon as you see it once you will continue to see it clearly. Then it will become your protection and sure path marker leading out out of the dire mountain wilderness of your self-created samsara. What does this mean for women? I can't say. Maybe that she is innately in total attunement with the male, part of his root, thus experiences the same thing? Just as a devoted, attuned Shakti-wife attains the merit and siddhis of her husband's Shiva-austerities? Ponder that.
Julian Lee
P.S. Please notice the quote from the Vedas to in the left, purple column.  See now? It's simple. The first law of "the Garden." I recommend that you hemorrhage no more than once monthly and that it go into your wife, with prospect of children accepted. This is the only sort of sex that the Universe approves of. This is a very old idea. Meanwhile, for serious meditation and yogic development -- the more continent the better.



Brotherhood of The Sacred Word

Upanishad Commentary, Julian Lee
The Upanishad occasionally broaches or refers to advanced pranayama techniques.

  Have no fear, and be willing to die to save your people.  
Message from Julian

Dear brothers and Brothers:

I have acquired the fruit of meditation. The things alive in me from meditation and brahmacharya will never die. In fact once you have certain things in yoga they don't go away. Only mordant incontinence can destroy yogic progress. Aum.

I wanted to understand the Yoga-Sutras from real experience, and I do.

I have also attained the purpose of strict brahmacharya, at least the best fruit of it. I don't even wish to get closer to the fiery chasm and ego-shattering lightning bolt that is Brahman. Indeed I don't even wish to fall into the state of samadhi sans a supportive community around me and have been fighting now for two years to stave it off.

Verily, for two years I have even been a conscious fugitive from Aum. The things that help the most with that are being highly physical (exposed to elements and living rough), and being  in conversations with worldly people. In fact the more  world-besotted and sinful they are, the more it grounds me. I have already commenced a rigorous, very physical life in the quest to stay firmly in my body, and being around addicts, the insane, the forsaken. Who can understand this? I find that being in contact on occasion with a beautiful woman is a powerful aid in staying worldly, once you have contacted certain fires. Who can understand that?

Yet I remain on this certain borderland, and I like my state of bridging two worlds at once. The yogic things are strong in me, especially the blessed divine smells.

I will never again fall into the state of wanton hemorrhages beyond nature's limit. I see too clearly how the Garden is lost.

Lately Eternal Woman has applied herself to me in a worthy way. I feel inclined to resume a semblance of a householder's life or at least to consider it. I suspect that I will at some point in the near future no longer be a legitimate standard- bearer for a site such as this that ostensibly promotes the  ideal of perfect brahmacharya. I am going to be seen with them. I will be consorting with them. I may even marry one, who knows. I have always wanted a son. Not wishing to discredit the ideal or project a contrary or confused image, I will be phasing myself out of this website.

Because my Brotherhood has always had a strong respect for family and marriage (and in fact Nick, Emblem of Shakti, has recently commenced an ideal marriage) -- I will be continuing to build my Brotherhood but from my new platform.

There is a bit of "pearls" problem here too. (Matthew 7:6) I feel too few have rallied around this banner. Some of my best brothers disappear for weeks. I have devoted myself to Men for some 20 years. But lately I feel I get more out of helping people, and the most unfortunate of them, plus feeling the love of a woman, than I do from teaching at a religious website to which so few men even respond.

Meanwhile, the essence of authentic religious tantra -- which so many pretend to teach but which nobody teaches correctly to men -- is to allow yourself to feel attraction yet to contain yourself and not cross the line into debauchery. It actually has benefits in the development of samadhi and siddhi.
If the prana is directed upward already, that powers the fiery drill of the skull like an engine. One offers all pleasure to the Lord. Who can understand this?

I would like to be a master of all yoga, including a good exponent of the worldly life for couples, and I am open to having a wife. So, brothers, I am going to take a lower profile and attend to the quiet pleasures of family, home, and community the next 10 years or so. Thus my prepared Fall will bring no disrepute on the celibacy ideal. I am being open about it. And I've always taught, in any case, that keeping the male period to once-per-month is one of the high chastity ideals, the householder ideal.

There is no one else who can properly preside over this page.  I am going to thin it down to a cipher with a few good brahmacharya links. All of my great audio-making Brothers are still under my wing and am still the one who will enthusiastic ally egg them on to obtain the fruits of brahmacharya combined with bhakti and meditation. Because God made me a true authority in the matter. I think my writings and meditation initiations prove this out to men of  intellect. My chief spiritual work now, besides kumbhaka, will be laboring to finish my Yoga-Sutra commentary, a work I love. You are all always invited to visit me whenever you like and when it is suitable. Nick, my Best Brother and Emblem of Shakti, understands all this and I have discussed it with him. The Brotherhood of the Sacred Word shall grow and Rise! We will have both our proto-monastic line and our householder line, and I will be able to teach about both states. Only a movement with a family component can grow and expand among humanity. I have attained what I wanted to attain. Brahmacharya is the way.
Julian Lee

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