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Subject: Expressing Appreciation
From: ****@gmail.com
To: "letters@celibacy.info"
Date: October 25, 2014
Dear Julian Lee/ Anand Guruji
You have blessed me and a whole lot of youngsters through your work with the site and also by telling us of your insights and self experienced divine states.
I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there and also for uplifting substantial part of humanity through your rigorous austerities and Guru bhakti that takes one beyond birth and death.
"I congratulate you for doing such a fabulous job of awakening people from all over the world. Indeed, God is very much pleased with you (He has given you 'kumbhaka' & much more) and with your(His) work. You are a life saver and life renewer..

"I ll pray to my Guruji to shower concentrated Ram Kripa on you from his abode...

"... A very good thing about yogis like yourself is that just by looking at your pics or thinking about you, divine currents can be felt by people who meditate even just a little bit also.Thanks for this too.So,it is my humble request to you to not phase yourself out of the website as these life currents are the real deal that empowers and enables one to make necessary changes in the life. Without these blessings it is extremely difficult for anyone like me to change oneself,just on the basis of scriptures and blessed writing- No transmission, divine radiation: Negligible change.

"I am sending you a pic of my divine Guruji,a Ram bhakta whose INTENSE spiritual radiative blessings(Ram Kripa)i have received whenever in his vicinity so that you may also receive them by focusing on him,your Guruji and the Lord.


General Meditation Advice

Julian Answers:
Thank you Arjun. Our movement is nothing without Indian males who appreciate it. I myself couldn't respect it without them. They understand faith, understand bhakti, understand the miraculous -- and so many abstruse aspects of yoga and religion. We get from religion what we put into it, and the external guru is one's own higher self-projection. If a hapless boring atheist has no "saints" or "true gurus" in his world and nothing transcendental to awe him in his life -- it is because of his own low-class karma. It is his own  failure to project/manifest anything interesting in his cheap self-erected world.
Sad characters! Nothing miraculous or mysterious in your life/world? Nobody's fault but his! Yea, the problem is all in his lap. Some chastity plus even a smidgen of bhakti in this life will show all this to a man.
Arjun, all of the west owes an eternal debt to India for sheltering and also manifesting in its sages and saints the Sanatana Dharma, the Eternal Religion of bliss, miracles, heaven within and without, and which lifts all faithful ones off the wheel of suffering indeed.
There, I put a photo for you by your request. (o8*  Next week we will produce a page devoted to "The Guru Principle" which has not been done here in some time. At that time we will post a larger photo of your satvic, bhakti-saturated guru which is indeed spiritual food.  I can just look at his face and know. (Point: How newly-enriched my world suddenly is!) I always love gazing upon The Satguru. The states of bhakti, worship, and rapture are auspicious states enjoyed by the gazer, by the aspirant, by the bhakta. Knowers know: They are for himself, not for another. God is not so penurious or niggardly that He would put just "one saint" on the earth -- and 2000 years past! Rather, he puts many on this earth at all times and in many places. Purify yourself a bit more each day (otherwise how can you see Him) -- and God is found to be More and More Generous each day!.
Isn't Dylan's new audio this week Magnificent my brothers? It's full of knowledge. It's full of experience and wisdom. It's full of faith and certitude. And it's very naturally and skillfully presented! Dylan is being very Generous to the world, to all men, and to women too who require this same saving dharma for their own womanly happiness.

Julian Lee

Upanishad Commentary, Julian Lee
The Katha Upanishad on the "dwarf between the two breaths" -- and more.

  Have no fear, and be willing to die to save your people.  

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