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Really following Christ:
The Waldensian Movement
Western Saddhuship in the 11th and 12th centuries

Shaker Writings On Abstinence and Self-denial
The very essence of American culture


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Most photos above are of the Wandervogel youth movement of early 1900s Germany. The movement valued brotherhood and comaradeship, forests and freedom in the wild outdoors, and wandering -- more-or-less in that order. It was like an early version of the Boy Scouts and full of feeling and mythic power of the young soul The movement became the basis for a cohesive German nationalism later on, but also came under the influence of homosexual pederasts and was thus discredited. There were a number of "homeless" youth subcultures, brotherhoods or "bunds"in Germany and they included female groups.
 Seeking A Pure Place
The Essence
Of Leftism

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