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Scientists speak about Porn Addiction


Christians speak about Porn Addiction

breaking free of sex addiction

Studies show link between teenage sexual abstinence & Academic Achievement


Sexual Abstinence & Yoga on Allexperts.com


Brahmacharya with Scientific Understanding


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Tibetan Chants
Vajra Guru
, Vajrasattva

Srila Prabhupada's
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Subject: gratitude
From: Rizzo
To: letters@celibacy.info
Date: December 29, 2014

Dear Julian Lee and the Brotherhood of The Sacred Word, With this email I would like to express my gratitude. Exactly one year ago I became a sexual restrainer. Before I was always tired, and I lived a life of fear. Today I have the energy to improve my life, and I'm feeling good most of the time. The audio commentaries helped me a lot, I listen to them on my ipod. You gave me the inspiration to continue on the spiritual path. Everything in life is (sexual) energy, the highest form of energy is consciousness. The higher the consciousness the more we align ourselves with our true Self. A happy new year to you and the Brotherhood. God bless you.


Hindu Teachings
On Celibacy/Brahmacharya

Saint Augustine:

"For my will was perverse and lust had grown in it, and when I gave into lust, habit was born, and when I did not resist the habit it became necessity."

"To be enslaved by sex is to lose...everything that man needs to be happy."

A Scientific Treatise
on the Value of Continence
Dr. R.W. Bernard

"With the austerity of brahmacharya
the king protects his kingdom."

-- The Vedas --


Truth & Power Of Christianity
The Incorrupt Saints

Above: Saint Bernadette's body today. Died 1879 (134 years ago).

Lord Buddha:

"A wise man should avoid unchastity
as if it were a burning pit of live coals. From the contact comes sensation, from sensation thirst, from thirst clinging; by ceasing from that, the soul is delivered from all sinful existence."

Practice of Brahmacharya

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It Fights By

Your Side!

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Summary Of

"The Story Of

Jumping Mouse"

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All Are Untrue

To The World

During Sleep

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Brother Giles

On Chastity

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Austerities Short List

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The Essence Of


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The Five Causes Of

Celibate Bliss

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The First Step In Manifesting Your Wishes

The Main Points

For Acquiring

Pranic Heat

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A yogi craves solitude.
He delights in the inner lands of his own self.
He wants to set himself  far back from the world so that he can understand the world.
He wants to divest himself of the mind-clutter of his his upbringing and conditioning and see the world crearly, what it really is, and what is true duty in it really is.
This impulse is ancient and eternal. It is the impulse of the God-seeking man.
Every man must take that lonely course in order to finally appreach the Divine King.
Then he becomes self-sufficient, with inner joy not dependent on outer things or outer people.  
He also becomes a guide, by his very being, for deluded masses who telegraphs: "You can be happy without all those things you think you need. There is nothing to fear." -- A.O.
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